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Channelled Spiritual Artwork Commission

Channelled Spiritual Artwork Commission

Individualised Channelled Art infused with Reiki and Angelic healing


All paintings are channelled art. I receive energetic downloads from higher dimensions through Ascended Masters, Angels, Star Masters, muses or our Higher Selves. Each painting is original, personalised and totally unique in acrylic on canvas. You can choose any subject matter of your choice. I link to the energies of the spiritual planes, higher realms and dimensions through image thought forms. 
Do you wish to meet your Gate Keeper Guide, your spirit animal, your higher self, your Galactic family members or your Guardian Angel or  the YOU as you were created to be, or leave it as an inspired piece guided by your team of light with a quote or sacred symbols.  Your painting has strong healing aspects and can be used as a visual meditation that will remind you that you are deeply loved, always guided, and are a divine being of light. Enter a beautiful and mystical realm of multi-dimensionalality.  The individualised artwork is infused with master reiki symbols and multi-dimensional healing, so will constantly be expressing the specific energies and support you need to get you through each day. Each piece is totally unique, high vibration and and just for you. 
On personal request I meditate and access the Highest Realms of light, ask my reiki master guides to infuse me and my work with the highest forms of light, love and angelic energetic Prana/Chi, and I will receive the picture in my mind. As I work, I am constantly connected, so information I receive is being updated. I ask you to contact me and have a 15 minute zoom session with me so I can find out exactly what you would like.
You can choose from the following sizes and prices reflect the size as follows:
20x20 = £70.00
30x30 = £90.00
40x40 = £130.00

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