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Archangel Michael's Sigil

Archangel Michael's Sigil

Archangel Michael is the ultimate protector. With his sword of blue flame, he can cut through all negativity, sever etheric cords, surround you with a bubble of blue bubble that nothing, other than that which you wish to, can enter. He protects you from all negative entities, energies, thoughtforms, and malevolent spirits. These sigils and angelic Light Language are for magical protection as well as invocation to the mighty Blue Angel of Light and his legions. 


This is to activate and charge your crystals, magical tools or use as a spirityal activation through meditation and contemplation which will enable you to protect your auric fields, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. The sigils and incantations are contained in the "Key of King Solomon" which call forth the Archangels. This Sigil of Archangel Michael is used to invoke his strength and protection. He is considered to be the most powerful spirit after God and leads the forces of heaven in triumph over the powers of hell.


Sacred Geometric patterns exist all around us - they are the perfect shapes and patterns that form the fundamental templates for life in the universe. From the Fibonacci sequence to the Golden Ratio, design patterns can be broken down as a language of numnbers that govern our entire visible and invisible world. 

  • Returns Policy

    We have a strict no returns  or refund policy. The only exception to this is if the item is damaged during transit. You will be required to send photographic evidence of the damage and we will send you a replacement item within 3 working days. You are asked to request a return and replacement of goods within one week of receiving the item on delivery. To inform us of your damaged goods, please send an email to julietwade@guidinglightalchemy and state the order number and that it is a return you wish to be replaced with an identical item. 

  • Additional Information

    Hand painted with acrylic paints onto hardboard and glazed with lacquer to protect from scratching and damage. 

    The size is 40x40cm 

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