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Whether this is your first visit to my site, or you’re a returning visitor, I’d like to thank for being here. I am a professional Spiritual guide and teacher, a Master Herbalist, a Shaman and Activation Artist and hold a diploma in RHS Horticulture level 2. I have been blessed with unique abilities that allow me to help others on their own path to self discovery, happiness and love. I am a helping hand to guide you through this confusing world of constant change. I will show you how to empower yourself by teaching you how to create a tool box of knowledge to use in your daily life.
As alternative to the GP, the natural world has everything we need to live a more sustainably, environmentally, and economically life to solving your medical issues, health tonics, giving you grounding, direction, whilst boosting your confidence, memory and much more than you ever believed possible.
On our courses and workshops you can learn to make brews, salves, creams and much, much more to help you bring together the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies using what nature has provided. 
Together we will journey into your past, current and future issues to find the answers you are looking for.

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Lemurian Times meditation and remembrance

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Dated September 2018

Lemuria or Kumari Kandam. This continent was located in the Indian Ocean. It existed during the same time as Atlantis but begun long before this 'new and enlightened' civilisation sprang up. This massive continent with its vast crystalline structures, was the forerunner for Atlantis. Matriarchal based and run with love in the hearts of these peaceful beings who resided there, was a simple way of living to the eye in comparison to the great cities of Atlantis. The only remnants above water currently are Sri Lanka, Madagascar and the lowest tip of India. This continent once connected India, south west Africa to the south east coast of Australia.

The people lived in groups of small communities rather than huge cities, with temples made of crystal as high as the clouds at their centre. Enormous libraries, science buildings, theatres, gardens to learn the spiritual ways covered the land. They were full of pride of the beauty, technology and wisdom they held so dear. Although it was many thousands of years ago to us now, before the majority of the continent was sunk during the Great Flood, it excelled in its knowledge, literature and science. These tall, elegant, slightly elvish looking people were quiet, communicated mainly through telepathy but delighted in music, poems, books and the creative arts.

Symbols instead of words were written on every pillar, building, boat and dwelling with messages of gratitude, community, honour, righteousness as well as stories of their arrival here on planet Earth. Strict laws were in place and recompense for those who strayed from their divine path of enlightenment was swift. The penalties for breaching a law one of which was not treating someone with respect, was chosen by the Elders as well as the person they injured and the person committing the offence. It usually entailed being of service to that person for a period of time to learn the lesson of humbleness and respect for all.

They were a highly spiritual people and believed love was the only way. Each was an equal, no one higher or lower than another. As soon as a child was born, their talents and skills were sought and developed into their own specialist mastery.

The bitter shame of losing this civilisation due to the tragedy of Atlantis over reaching themselves, and creating a natural disaster that swept the Earth clean with few survivors was nothing less than devastating.

My story starts after the Great Flood

After the Great Flood, I moved to the Inner Earth where there are many varieties of very high vibrational beings. I had been in contact with these love based beings for some times as a specialist in growing crystals, attuning them with power, and imbuing with sacred writings. Some beings who live there have come from Atlantis, Lemuria, and other dimensional beings that have been moved off the earth from ancient times, when Avalon and other times when humans and inter-dimensional beings lived closely together. Now that time is over, they have moved underground to live a full life in peace and harmony. This includes dragons, magical creatures, beings from other planets that are working in secret to benefit the Earth in her ascension as well as our own. There is also a base for those reptilian and draco beings that have rebelled against their own forces who need to be protected and help the alliance of earth. There are many entrances including the north and south poles, under Mount Shasta, ancient buried cities on the face of the earth now unknown and undiscovered. They are connected by the leylines and are the keys to the New Earth Alliance and Councils of Light that work underground.

I remember descending in a bubble of light, like a balloon taking me to the secret entrance in the mountain, down a deep hole through the layers of the earth. Many levels housed different cities and different beings that like to live as one and not as a mixed group. I continued down this tunnel through the layers to the centre of the earth. It is warm beautiful and filled with light from the crystals that emanate an amazing feeling of high vibrational energy, protection and peace. There are three main cities here in the centre. North, West and East

All is alive; the crystals, the buildings, rocks, insects all working as one in a community connected together. You feel the vibration pulsing through your feet into your body. Every being is working as a team, in harmony and contentedness. These mystical beings work with love, joy and harmony and tend the crystals that are the main source of light, food, building materials, heat source. They gather in groups to sit in a circle around a spiral column that reaches way into the ceiling too far to see the top. It reminds me of Avalon, Atlantis and Lumeria, as they sit holding each others hands in concentric rings. They are physically connected peacefully with the earth and the living crystal beings. Different races of fairies, dragons, centaurs, Satyrs, earth, water, fire and air elementals and many more I can’t name all living peacefully together and working as one consciousness.

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